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A day of (nerdy) quotes

“Web two-point-next” “…most CMS tools and online advertising companies are spewing out code that would make Netscape 3 proud.” Ethan Marcotte – Where Our Standards Went Wrong “Give someone a fish and they’ll think you’re a bit of weirdo; teach … Continue reading

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Official Letters Come in Small Envelopes

(Mike made me include a picture. Apparently he deems my posts too pictureless. And I do believe this picture of the envelope is larger than the envelope itself) Yay! I finally received my letter from the department of Plant Biology … Continue reading

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Video Editing

I made that short video last night and it took so long to edit that I didn’t even want to finish it. But I thought it was off to a good start.

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My turn signal light burned out in my Jeep a couple of weekends ago. I didn’t know it had burned out at first. All I knew is that the turn signal light on my dashboard would stay on all the … Continue reading

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Emergence Day

My brother pointed me to an article yesterday depicting a huge sink hole. I don’t know the details, can’t read “Bakken kollapset og slukte hus” but that’s an emergence hole if I’ve ever seen one! Now where’s my chainsaw gun … Continue reading

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Molecular Gastronomy

I’ve always been a bit confused by the trendy term “molecular gastronomy” that is being tossed around like so much salt at trendy, contemporary restaurants such as El Bulli and Per Se. Molecular gastronomy as compared to… what? This term, … Continue reading

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New Zealand: Mauri Haka

A long time ago when I was a wee youngin and still playing soccer in a league, I played against a team that did a dance before the game. At the time I thought it rather comical. I don’t remember … Continue reading

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I installed Ubuntu a couple weekends ago to see what all the hoopla was about. I was unimpressed. I couldn’t even install a video driver. At first I tried the 32bit version, and then I thought, hey I have a … Continue reading

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Rock Climbing

So today, Stanley, Mike, James, and my coworker Grace went to Ironworks for a fun day of indoor rock climbing. I straggled in later, having been guilted by James to show up because my coworker was there, while I was … Continue reading

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Riding and Talking

It’s not hard to imagine that it would be difficult to communicate with others when you’re riding your motorcycle. The only time you can talk to someone else in your group is when you come to a stop somewhere. And … Continue reading

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